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This guide is for our University patrons who are looking for guidance for making videos and video tutorials. We cover video recording, video screencapture, editing, and then sharing your videos with your students, each other, or the world. 

Creative Studio Help

If you are interested in learning more about making videos or have any questions, please contact us through chat or email. 


We recommend Zoom or Teams for screenrcording of lectures or tutorials. However, if you are already comfortable recording using your Mac computer, that software works well also.

Save on Cloud or Device?
Saving on the cloud has its benefits, and you can always download a video later in order to edit. But if you already know you are going to edit your recording, then it might be best to download it directly to your device and then upload the finished video to a cloud service later.

Do a test run if possible
You'll want to make sure that the software is recording your presentation as you intended. Some of the features in the software differ from each other including how they might react to PowerPoint transitions.A test run is also a good way to see if your mic is working.


Video screencapture from your device


Aside from recording your screen, you may or may not want to record yourself. Whether you are using your webcam or something else. We have a few resources that will help you create better videos. 


Video editing can be very simple or more complicated depending on what you have in mind for the final product. We recommend different editing software depending on a person's previous experience and what they hope to achieve.
  • Adobe Premiere Rush - recommended for people with no previous editing experience and are looking to do simple edits like cutting the beginning and/or end of a video, or adding a title screen or simple text. Works on desktop or mobile device. PC or Mac.
  • iMovie - recommended for Mac users with no previous editing experience, or Mac users who are looking to do light editing. iMovie also has the benefit of being free for Mac users. Available for desktop or mobile device.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro - recommended for people who have need for extensive editing features. We often have beginners start with Premiere Pro if their projects will need more features than Rush offers. 
  • Mobile Apps - good for users who want to do light video editing with video they have taken on their mobiel device.


Blackboard - Use Blackboard's Kaltura media feature to uplaod videos that are intended only for your classes. Blackboard is your secure system to share videos with your students. 

Cloud (Google, Box, Onedrive) - For sharing secure videos outside of the classroom, you can also upload your video to one of the cloud services provided through UMIT and then share the link to specifc people, or exclusively to the UM community.

YouTube -  Use YouTube if you are sharing this out to as many people as possible. YouTube does have different privacy settings, but we recommend the privacy features in Blackboard or the cloud services offered by UM.
  • Also note that UM's partnership with Google does not include YouTube which means that if you want to upload videos to YouTube you will need to start a new account with Google separate from your work email. 

UMIT Cloud Options

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Assets - Download Adobe CC from UMIT to access Adobe programs and their cloud storage system (20GB limit).
  • Google Drive - The University offers unlimited storage in Google Drive when you sign up with your UM student email. 
  • One Drive - With OneDrive for Business, you get 1 TB (additional storage space allocated as needed) of free storage in the cloud to store your files and photos, sync across all your computers
  • Box - Box is the recommended cloud storage for departmental accounts. 

Recording Studio

One Button Studio - The library has a video recording studio available in the Faculty Exploratory for faculty who would like to record video that is a higher quality than a built in webcam or would like a quiet space to record. Please visit the website to make a reservation or contact us with any questions.


Adobe Captivate - Captivate is a professional eLearning content creator tool. It is not part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, but there is a 30 day free trial available.

Camtasia - Camtasia is a professional tool for creating video tutorials. It is not part of the UMIT software packages, but there is a free trial option.

Blackboard Help

UM Learning Platforms Help Desk
phone: 305-284-3949
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